We offer two adventure packages for groups who seek thrills:

Romantic Night in Manor Park:

If you wish to experience something extraordinary, majestic and romantic, then the package “Romantic Night in Manor Park” is just the right choice for you.
It’s a journey with a guide in Luke manor park. The feel of manor and romance combined with the mystery of silence help create a mood you have been dreaming about…
Lantern light and the park in candlelight help set a romantic mood.
Guests will be welcomed by lighted manor park, a bonfire and a hot welcome drink. In order for everyone to feel brave in the dark, all travelers will be given a lantern. In addition to the historical feeling, you will be entertained by adventure games. And the surprises don’t end here…
A festive dinner with coffee and cake will be waiting for you in the gardener`s house after the journey.
This package is suitable for a smaller group.

Length of the journey: 2 km
Duration of the journey: 3 hours
Time of the journey: throughout the year upon reservation
Place of the journey: Tartumaa, Elva recreation region, Luke manor park
Size of the group: min 15 people, max 25 people

Package price for group:
Price for 10 people is 6150.- EEK
Every additional person is 250.- EEK
Minimum price of the package is 6150.- EEK

Price includes: guide’s fee, lanterns, surprise awards, bonfire and a hot drink, dinner with coffee and cake, gardener’s house rent and the rent of technical equipment.

Package plan:
• Arrival to Luke manor park
• Welcoming bonfire and a hot drink
• Journey in Luke manor park
• Surprise awards
• Festive dinner with coffee and cake

Equipment: comfortable shoes and seasonable clothes.
Raincoats will be provided by the organizer in case of rain.

Photo Hunt in Luke Manor Park:

If you wish a change in your team’s everyday life, then this adventurous and sociable team game is the best choice for you!
Your team will be divided into groups and each group will get a path legend, digital camera and photos of objects in Luke manor park. There is a fun assignment added to every photo, that every group has to capture.
The braver and more resourceful your team is the more you will get to laugh afterwards, when you watch the photos. Each team will get a CD with the photos.
Photo hunt doesn’t require much physical effort, so it’s suitable for joyful people with all ages and for smaller and bigger companies. Photo hunt is a good way to surprise the birthday child or to celebrate your own birthday in a memorable way.

Price for 10 people is 3000.- EEK
Every additional person is 200.- EEK
Minimum price of the package is 3000.- EEK