Foundation Luke Manor new projects:

Project name: Compilation and implementation of the operational plan for the collection of donations to restore the buildings of the Luke Manor
Project aim is to increase donations from private individuals. During the project period we draw up an operational plan for the collection of donations to restore the buildings of Luke Manor and start up with implementing this plan. We collect relevant data and compile database to be focused on the right target “Launching of public services and product packages in Luke Manor”

Foundation Luke Manor and National Foundation of Civil Society signed an agreement on 15 January, 2010 to put into practice the first stage of a project called “Launching of public services and product packages in Luke Manor”. During the first stage a business plan for the development of services and products in Luke Manor will be composed. Amount of the endowment is 49 696.- EEK.
First stage of the project ends on 31 March, 2010.
The endowment amount of second projects period is 256 891.- EEK.
During the second stage of the project, marketing- and donation campaign will be carried out according to the marketing plan, which was elaborated in the first stage of the project; means for providing café and seminar service will be obtained and descriptions of product packages will be created. In addition, Luke manor’s website will be translated into English, a two-day seminar about sales and donations and a two-day study trip to Latvian manors to find foreign partners will be carried out.
The project is funded by National Foundation of Civil Society.

Café service launching in Luke manor
On 1 December, 2009 Tartu Rural Development Association’s management verified the funding of project “Café service launching in Luke manor”. Total cost of the project is 266 084.- EEK. According to the project total amount of the endowment will be 228,178.75.- EEK. The project will be funded by LEADER measures.
Purpose of the project is to furnish Luke manor’s kitchen with furniture and technical equipment and chairs and tables for offering café service in the Gardener’s house.